Love is Blind and Can’t Count

Kat O'Keefe-Kanavos
5 min readJan 18, 2020

When are we too old to fall in love? Dr. Joan Chadbourne learned “NEVER!”

Never marry the one you can live with, marry the one you cannot live without.~unknown

Dr. Joan Chadbourne’s story proves that we are never too old to fall in love. Cupid shot her and her future husband Chad through the heart in a coffee shop when Joan was 72, and Chad was 69 years young. Love is not only blind; it cannot count.

However, age cannot save us from ourselves. Sometimes the most significant deterrent we must face is one that is impossible to avoid-ourselves. Joan’s story is about how she got out of her own way in order to embrace love.

I read Joan’s fantastic love story in the book Chaos to Clarity: Sacred Stories of Transformational Change and immediately invited her to be a guest on my Video Podcast The Kat Kanavos Show.

The lesson I took away from her story was how Joan learned how important it is to not self-sabotage when it comes to positive change in her life. Change at any age can be frightening. However, as we become older and set in our ways, an excuse not to embrace change can become a phobia.

Transformational change can make room for love to grow in our hearts.

When years of life and experience have made us self-sufficient and independent, we must make room for love because we have learned to plug all the holes in our lives with “emotional stuff” including excuses.

Joan’s love story begins with, “We had met through an online dating service and were texting to each other like teenagers the night before our first meeting scheduled at a coffee shop. I didn’t sleep a wink after our chat because it felt like someone or something was rocking me in the bed. The next day when I walked into the coffee shop and saw Chad, I started to hyperventilate. It was so loud the people drinking coffee turned in their seats to see what was wrong with me. I was embarrassed. Then when he hugged me hello, I tried to talk but nothing came out of my mouth. Unbeknownst to me, Chad had survived cancer but had lost his ability to speak or eat, so he typed in his synthesizer, ‘Don’t worry. I’ll carry the conversation.’ I laughed and told him that I had not slept at all after our texting session and why. He typed, ‘That was because I…



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