Women: A Design By The Divine

Kat O'Keefe-Kanavos
5 min readJul 3, 2017

“To respect a woman is to embrace the Divine. And, to embrace a woman is to respect the Divine.”

~ Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos

My guest writer this week is Teresa Salhi who shares her empowering thoughts on the powerful and divine spiritual place women hold in the family, community, and Universe. Women are a design by the Divine.

Women Hold a Spiritual Place for Family & Community

BY Teresa Salhi

When we are connected to our authentic selves and the divine, spiritual power of the Universe — we have the ability to inspire others, cultivate stability, bring people together and communicate in a way that empowers and creates change. We hold a spiritual place to thrive.

Whether you’re single or married, it’s up to us as women to create the spiritual inspiration of those close by and as a model for our community.

We are designed by our Divine Source to keep the fires burning and gently stir the embers of compassion and love. When we are connected authentically and spiritually, it all seems to flow with grace and ease.

But, you and I both know we don’t always feel connected. We don’t feel authentic or even remember what that is. In fact, we can all easily get disconnected from our spiritual source when we least expect it.

The superwoman syndrome takes over and before we know it we are drowning in to-do lists, chaos, schedules, and fear of losing control.

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But we long for that feeling of safety, contentment and knowing. That’s our flow. That’s being connected to our spiritual selves and the source that holds space in each of us.

That is when the world looks like a beautiful, inviting place.

When we are disconnected from the Divine, we drop into our lower self. Ego. Drama. Overwhelm. Fear. Stress. The Blame and not good enough Game.

We’ve all had those times. We totally forget that the only one imprisoning our connection is ourselves. When we’re disconnected from the Divine Source, we can feel like no sees us — and we don’t even want to be seen. We feel sad and confused or sometimes pissed as hell. We cry and know this isn’t right.

We try to latch onto or blame someone out there, but it doesn’t work. Is it them or us? In the midst of chaos, it’s hard to tell.

On the other hand… when we’re connected to our Divine Source and our authentic selves — we are so freakin’ powerful and making it happen. We handle the chaos and all the sh*t that comes along. Even in moments of craziness we might waiver yet always come back to center. We’re able to navigate life from a relative place of grace and peace.

I believe our real work as women is to continually work on our connection, inner power, and bridge the gap from sometimes — to most of the time.

I believe the ability to stay connected to our Divine Source, cultivate that connection, inspire connection in our families and community — is our finest contribution, honor, and our birthright.

As the Dalai Lama said, “The world will be saved by the Western Woman.”

It is from this strong spiritual connection to the Divine Source that a foundation is built from which everything blossoms. Sure, some do it without this connection but oftentimes end up with an empty and overall unsatisfying experience.

There isn’t enough money, sex, Botox or new shoes that can fill the hole when craving divine connection.

You too may be feeling this pull. And it’s no longer an option for you to keep going through life without being DEEPY connected to your authentic self and guided by Divine Source.

The yearning is growing. That inner voice is trying to gently (or not so gently) to usher you back to your soul’s path and purpose.

I spent much of my own life allowing myself to be disconnected, lost and confused. There were times where I was just existing and reacting, rather than how I live now — creating life on my own terms and with Divine Source in my back pocket.

I learned the hard way how to find my true purpose and power by living only from what others put in front of me. But when I could not do that one more day — I pushed forward and got the real support I needed.

I can honestly say the best feeling for me EVER — is when I follow my heart and take care of me. Only then can I show up and lead, inspire, motivate and love others the way they deserve. I don’t have it to give if I don’t give it to myself. This has proven to be true over and over again.

I can show you a shortcut and help you to bridge the gap so you can be more in flow…..

It’s for women who want to go deeper, expand bigger, and uplevel any area of their life.

You see, when I found my way, I knew my calling was to support other women find theirs; to serve womankind to create the life and business they truly desire. Yes, I know the journey and eagerly support women who are ready to be in the world with their purpose, with clarity on how to get there and with a contagious confidence.

Women, who want to make a difference and truly be who they are meant to be — is that you?

About the guest author: Teresa Salhi is the founder of Empower The Dream, supporting women to be confident with who they are, embrace their feminine power and create a lifestyle and/or business that supports their passion. She is a certified Life Coach and Law of Attraction Trainer who shares her knowledge with local and global audiences.

Thank you, Teresa Salhi, for sharing this article on women with us. Women who know their place know it is designed by the Divine to hold a spiritual spot for others to thrive. Women’s inner-guidance/female intuition, leads them on the path to Universal Oneness for the betterment of mankind. Imagine how lonely a kitchen, living room, bedroom, or the world-stage would be without the Divine gift of a spiritual woman.

Originally published at www.bizcatalyst360.com on July 3, 2017.



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